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Virtual Training 

Business Continuity

The world has changed. 

Courses designed to address the new reality and be more prepared for the future.

How to run effective virtual meetings.

Remote teams are most successful when people are engaged and communication flows   

This training will cover:

>  Simple techniques to run better calls, take less time and establish deeper engagement

>  How to have clear, concise communication:  speaking, listening and email.

Each virtual training is a unique combination of a live session followed by individual learning assignments to solidify the subject matter

How to effectively motivate your team virtually 

Dispersed teams need to remain efficient and effective.

This training will cover:

> Communication Style:  Frequency and Consistency

>  Management Style: 

Results v. MicroManaging

Each session is designed to address a specific tendency or improve technique

Work-life balance in a virtual environment

There are many benefits to working remotely, however, there are many risks that can lead to a breakdown in productivity.

This training will cover:

Methods to focus amidst ceaseless distractions 

  Establishing a new success model for family and the completion of work:  Task management v. Time Management

Senior Man Working from Home

Distinctive programs for remote teams

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