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Core Competency Training

People Development and Training operates from the fundamental belief that all success lies in "putting people first".  We care about the individual and know that when you invest in people, and they feel valued, they will far exceed any goal you set.

What is

core competency training?

PDandT Training Cycle.png

Core competency training can be defined as the delivering of the fundamental skills needed to establish, develop and harmonize the  resources and capabilities that comprise the foundation from which individuals and businesses grow, seize new opportunities, deliver value to customers and establish the competitive advantage


In these customizable trainings we're focused on aligning employees and leaders, using all four learning modalities, with systemic solutions and methodologies that hone knowledge and skills and create lasting changes in behavior. 

How each session is delivered

 Virtual Options available

Each session is a unique combination of live session followed by individual learning assignments to solidify the subject matter.

Team Meeting

1.  On-site.  Flexible. We’re focused on aligning employees and company leaders with strategic business innovations, inspiration and a culture of continuous learning that drives results. On-site training offers flexible training length sessions, group discounts, engaging activities, instant feedback/discussion and team-building opportunities.

2.  Lunch and Learn.  Engaging.   Customized one-hour long training designed to enhance the professionals and meet your business goals.  The speaker presents a brief overview of the desired topic (usually 30-45 minutes) after which a very interactive guided discussion follows.  The session is ideal to learn best practices,  tips, techniques and lessons from the presenter and audience alike.

3.  Micro-learning.  Amenable.  A holistic approach to skill-based learning in relatively small units designed to meet short term goals.  By adapting and aligning targeted learning solutions, micro-learning is concise learning on a wide range of management, leadership and personal development topics. Micro-Learning is high-quality content delivered in a short amount of time. 

4.  Keynotes, Workshops.  Inspiring.  Your team members enjoy a dynamic workshop or keynote delivered through the four learning modalities (visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic).   Bring PD&T in to offer a fresh perspective,  offer concrete lessons and tools to fuel employee growth, from the executive suite down.  


etain your employees

mprove your customer's experience

ncrease your bottom line







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