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Executive Mentorship

Lead yourself first

Cogent Leadership

In order to be the most effective leader, you must first lead yourself and that starts with an investment in your own development.  Our executive mentorship program for executive leaders focuses on leadership tools and behavioral changes.


+  Customized mentorship to address strengths, weaknesses ambitions and goals

+  Greater self-awareness and effectiveness

+  3 C's of leadership:  Clarity, Connection, Collaboration

+  Key strategies to implement to find your ideal leadership style and balance your personal life

Strategic Business​ Owner

You don't have the time or money to make uninformed decisions in haste.  Achieve your goals faster and start/grow your business.  Our executive mentorship program for entrepreneurs focuses on leadership tools, lean processes and behavioral changes.

+  Actionable steps to start/catapult your business to the next level

+  Package, position and price your business idea

+  Profit Mapping

+  Strategize new streams of income

+ Help you identify goals and work toward them in a timely manner


Obtain the skills you need to create a sustainable and scalable company.

Professional Woman

4hr Business Strategy Session

One time four hour customized planning session with actionable steps to start or /and catapult your business

Professional Male

6mos Mentorship Package


4hr business strategy session included

Law Professional

1yr Mentorship Package


4hr business strategy session included

Mentorship Packages

If you're ready, focused and committed to accomplishing your goals then take the next step and join

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