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Trainer on Retainer

The agile solution to business continuity, staff engagement, and employee productivity. The Trainer on Retainer Program allows you to have an on-going training program minus the expense of an in-house training department. 

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Select any lesson to create your custom training experience
Team or Individual
Working with Laptop
60-90 minute training boost
       80 Lessons         
Tidy Desk
Once a week, once a month, once a quarter, you decide.

Here's how it works

Step 1:  Decide your track.

A track is, minimum, four lessons selected from any course in the catalog.

Yes, you can select more.

Step 2:  Decide your frequency.

When/how often do you want your selected tracks to be delivered?
Yes, you can make changes to the dates you originally selected.

Step 3:  Book with PD&T.

Click the get started button and fill out the form for your custom quote. 

Yes, you can contact us with any questions.  

Recommended Tracks

Diversity & Inclusion

  1. Start with you:  Self-Audit

  2. Implicit bias 

  3. Body Language & Listening

  4. Paradigm shift

  5. Building rapport

Leadership Development

  1. Defining true leadership

  2. Self Audit

  3. Resolving Conflict

  4. STAR Communication

  5. Creating a support system

Communication Skills

  1. Defining true leadership

  2. Self Audit

  3. Resolving Conflict

  4. STAR Communication

  5. Creating a support system

Problems Solving Skills

  1. Identify the root causes

  2. Resolving Conflict

  3. Self Awareness

  4. Building rapport

  5. Body language and listening skills

Managing Change

  1. Leveraging your communication style

  2. Stereotypes and biases

  3. Discerning the need

  4. Empowering others

  5. What motivates each generation


  1. Finding common ground

  2. Setting S.M.A.R.T. goals

  3. Body Language and listening skills

  4. Dealing with difficult situations

  5. Task/Time Management



  1. Self Awareness

  2. Discerning the need

  3. Prioritizing

  4. Providing feedback

  5. Creating an action plan

Management Skills

  1. Mastering your emotional intelligence

  2. 80/20 Mastery

  3. Handling complaints at every level

  4. Setting expectations and creating opportunity

  5. Influence and persuasion

We're here for you

Whether you want to create your own track or select one of ours, we'll help you find the best solution to fit your organizational goals.

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Our fine print

  •  All trainings must be scheduled, at least, 30 days ahead of the selected training date.

  •  The same trainer will be scheduled to deliver your training, each time, based on availability.

  •  You have the right to select a different trainer at any time.

  •  All trainings (tracks) are paid for at least two weeks in advance of the selected training date. 

  • Standard track (4 lessons) = $1800

  • All lessons added to a standard track (4 lessons) will be discounted by 10% 

  •  All trainer on retainer trainings include up to 12people (each additional is $45pp).

  •  Trainer on retainer program includes 4 lessons, minimum, per track (4 lessons, minimum, equals one track).

  •  All printed materials are available, where applicable, for an additional $40pp.

Reduce operating costs. 

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