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Course Catalog

Our courses are designed for small to medium-size organizations that help them retain their employees, improve their customer's experience and increase their bottom line.  We specialize in core competency training driven by the specific operational requirements of our clients. Our fully customizable curriculum allows organizations and professionals to quickly acquire and master the skills they need for proficient leadership, cogent communication and strategically developed interpersonal skills.

Diversity & Inclusion

proudly certified

Implicit Bias

Improve the quality of work, focus on increased productivity and effective task management

Lesson 1:   Diversity Awareness

Lesson 2:   Stereotypes and Biases

Lesson 3:   Ethnocentrism and Micro-Aggressions

Lesson 4:   Communication:  Verbal & NonVerbal

Lesson 5:   Handling complaints on every level

Lesson 6:   Implicit bias and discrimination

Lesson 7:   Benefits:  morale and productivity 

Lesson 8:   Wrap Up

Learn some techniques that help debias perceptions and improve interactions.

Lesson 1:  Understanding implicit bias

Lesson 2:  Explicit vs Implicit bias

Lesson 3:  How biases can influence decisions and interactions

Lesson 4:  Reducing bias for better decision making

Lesson 5:  Effective listening and engagement

Lesson 6:  Strategies to address implicit bias

Lesson 7:   Benefits:  Performance and Perspective

Lesson 8:  Wrap Up

Emotional Intelligence



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proudly certified

Identify and manage emotional behaviors that impact your work-based relationships and situations

Build better team connection to get things done better and more efficiently

Lesson 1:   Define Emotional Intelligence  

Lesson 2:  Self Awareness

Lesson 3:  Self  Motivation

Lesson 4:  Self Regulation

Lesson 5:  Social/Workplace Skills

Lesson 6:  Mastering your Emotional Intelligence

Lesson 7:  Non/Verbal Communication

Lesson 8:  Wrap Up  

Lesson 1:  4 Common Communication Styles

Lesson 2:  Leverage your communication style

Lesson 3:  Electronic/ in-person Communication

Lesson 4:  Overcoming cultural barriers

Lesson 5:  Pitch, Tone, Cadence, Pace

Lesson 6:  Body Language & Listening Skills

Lesson 7:  STAR Communication

Lesson 8:  Wrap Up

Leadership &  Influence

Customer Service

Develop the leadership abilities and apply the skills to create and expand influence. 

Lesson 1:  Defining True Leadership

Lesson 2:  Start with you:  Self-Audit

Lesson 3:  The Ultimate Inspirational Role Model

Lesson 4:  Influence and Persuasion

Lesson 5:  Sharing the vision

Lesson 6:  Empowering others

Lesson 7:  Creating a support system

Lesson 8:  Wrap Up

Achieve high impact skills & strategies that create visible improvement, increase satisfaction and boost the ROI

Lesson 1:  Foundation of Cust Service

Lesson 2:  Your Impact on the Customer

Lesson 3:  Handling difficult people/situations

Lesson 4:  Building Rapport

Lesson 5:  Creating positive cust experiences

Lesson 6:  Cust Service  vs Cust Satisfaction

Lesson 7:  Achieving Extraordinary Cust Relations

Lesson 8:  Wrap Up

Supervising Others

Thrive in your role.  Expand your capability to lead.  Motivate your team to maximum performance.   

Assertiveness & Confidence

Be confident and viewed in a way that promotes positive interactions and cooperation 

Lesson 1:   Setting Expectations & Creating Oppty

Lesson 2:  Goal Setting (S.M.A.R.T.)

Lesson 3:  The 3 supervisory styles

Lesson 4:  Delegation

Lesson 5:  Providing Feedback

Lesson 6:  Resolving Conflict

Lesson 7:  80/20 Mastery

Lesson 8:  Wrap Up

Lesson 1:  Defining assertiveness & confidence

Lesson 2:  The paradigm shift

Lesson 3:  Listening, Hearing and Responding

Lesson 4:  7 Verbal/Nonverbal Communication

Lesson 5:  Mastering the first impression

Lesson 6:  Affirmations & S.M.A.R.T goals

Lesson 7:  Dealing with difficult situations

Lesson 8:  Wrap up

Stress Management

Improve safety, morale, customer satisfaction and productivity

Bridging the Generational Gap

Assimilate multi-generational teams that capitalize on their differences to maximize impact and productivity.

Lesson 1:  Defining & Understanding Stress

Lesson 2:  Acceptance

Lesson 3:  Avoidance

Lesson 4:  Self Management

Lesson 5:  Physical/Mental Relaxation Acts

Lesson 6:  Self Care Techniques

Lesson 7:  Coping with major events

Lesson 8:  Wrap Up

Lesson 1:  Finding common ground

Lesson 2:  4 common generations in the workplace

Lesson 3:  Defining the working styles

Lesson 4:  Leveraging the generation gap

Lesson 5:  What motivates each generation?

Lesson 6:  Conflict management

Lesson 7:  Succession Planning 

Lesson 8:  Wrap Up

Organizational Skills


Regain control of your time, set up and maintain your organization system

Lesson 1:  Eradicate Clutter

Lesson 2:   Prioritize

Lesson 3:  Task/Time Management

Lesson 4:   What and how to setup your storage

Lesson 5:  Avoiding disorganization

Lesson 6:  Organizing your work area

Lesson 7: Discipline

Lesson 8:  Wrap Up

Establish effective and efficient sales techniques 

Lesson 1:  Defining the sales process

Lesson 2:  Making your pitch

Lesson 3:  Task/Time Management

Lesson 4:   What and how to setup your storage

Lesson 5:  Avoiding disorganization

Lesson 6:  Organizing your work area

Lesson 7: Discipline

Lesson 8:  Wrap Up

Time Management

Conflict Resolution

Improve the quality of work, focus on increased productivity and effective task management

Develop the skills vital to effective resolution and facilitate collaboration to enhance productivity.

Lesson 1:  Prioritizing

Lesson 2:  Removing avoidance

Lesson 3:  Setting S.M.A.R.T. goals

Lesson 4:  Staying Focused

Lesson 5:  Organization

Lesson 6:  Delegation

Lesson 7:  How to handle unexpected events

Lesson 8:  Wrap Up

Lesson 1:  Identify the root causes of conflict

Lesson 2:  6 step approach to addressing conflict

Lesson 3:  Creating the best environment

Lesson 4:  Providing Options

Lesson 5:  Discerning the need

Lesson 6:  Choosing a solution

Lesson 7:  Creating an action plan

Lesson 8:  Wrap Up

Customized, effective training designed to meet your needs and reach your goals.

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Sherlyn is an amazing facilitator of topics across the board – whether they to do with wellness, personal development, or business. She has inspired so many who have attended her classes to better themselves in their personal and professional lives. She does this effectively by bringing in her own experience and tying it to strong, research-based curriculum. She continues to empower people to reach their full potential, and I love her positive spirit in doing so.                       ~Anisah Khan

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