People Development and Training's business strategy session is the bottom line for your personal and business growth.




Your strategy session with PD&T is a process that helps leaders gain self-awareness,  links the individual effectiveness with overall organizational success and demonstrates, with metrics, personal and organizational gains.  




Your session is a strategic function, helping your organization attract and retain qualified, exceptional clients who are well prepared to create breakthrough operating results in both short and long term.  



How it works

  • 4hrs of laser focused strategizing your business plan and solutions (social media, email list, branding, e-book, videos, networking, prospecting, etc)

  • Mental clarity, self-awareness and breakthroughs 

  • Actionable steps to catapult your business to the next level 

  • Package, Position and Price your Business idea 

  • Personal strategies for getting un-stuck and releasing overwhelm

  • Post follow-up  schedule to answer any questions you may have

  • Key strategies to implement to grow your clients and profit 

  • Profit Mapping:  Leverage any current business activities and products for increased profitability 

  • Strategize new streams of income for residual and/or recurring profit

Mentorship packages available

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"I am getting definite value.

I am learning as we speak, I can utilize every piece of this"

~ Yasir Abbadi