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Speaking Topics

You're More Than Their Mother

Do you think there is a way that we can honor our commitments, accomplish our goals AND be a great mother? ABSOLUTELY!  As a matter of fact, it's not only possible, it's imperative.  If you want to show your children what hard-work, perseverance, goal setting, integrity and accomplishment looks like---who better to show them but you? There is a way to balance the pursuit of your dreams and be a supportive, involved, 'present' mother --- and I can show you how! 


This engaging program will:

  • Teach mothers how to release old paradigms and eradicate fear

  • Empower mothers with the tools to identify and replace self-sabotage and destructive behavior patterns

  • Provide mothers with the strategies to effectively manage their time

  • Teach mothers to create a nurturing environment that supports their needs, wants and desires

  • Teach mothers how to make themselves a priority by increasing meaningful activities, positive habits and daily routines 

  • REinvest mothers into the reclamation of lost dreams and abandoned hope and personal development strategies 

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Overcoming Obstacles:  Becoming a no-limit person

The only thing standing between what you want and what you have is courage!  Get ready to learn the conscious and sub-conscious mind shifting techniques to move beyond any perceived limitation into your FULL ABUNDANCE

This engaging session will:

  • Teach you how to change self-sabotaging behavior, thoughts and actions and move you into your abundance (life, family, business)

  • ​Show you how to move beyond the fear of failure by providing you with the 7 steps you must have in order to get (RE)started in creating a life that you love

  • Identify the most effective way to balance your schedule AND get started creating the business you love and living your life's purpose

Moving from theory to practice:  Don't talk about it, be about it

How long are you going to TALK about your dreams?  When are you going to start taking the necessary ACTIONS to make your dreams a reality?  Despite what you may believe:  it's NOT lack of MONEY, TIME or RESOURCES.....

This engaging session will:

  • Teach you how to identify, act and follow thru with fundamental behaviors (that you already have)  that build habits to get you started, right away, on creating the life and business you've dreamed about

  • How to break through your negative mental chatter that talks you out of taking the leap

  • Show you how to leverage your DISCUSSION about your dreams into DOLLARS into your pockets while serving the people who need you doing what you love

Communication is the start to forgiveness

If you  can't get past your'll never be able to grow as a person, your business or your money.  Correcting the internal conversation between you and you by learning to use your words (internally and externally) to attract, create and live your best life ever.  It's time to make it happen!


Program Highlights:

  • Mindset Management Techniques

  • Transformational Communication that gets you what you want

  • Transcendent Personal Power/Peace of Mind

Self-esteem: You are worthy

What you believe about you is what's holding you back from fulfilling your dreams.  Get ready to reveal and honor who you are and what it is that you want for your life.   Get ready to make BOLD moves!


Program Highlights:

  • Self Confidence/Improved self-image/Break through inner glass ceiling

  • Release blame, guilt and rejection

  • Take 100% responsibility for your life

Frequently asked questions

We have limited funds, we want your services, what can we do?

• If you are open to being creative and collaborating with other agencies or institutions, we usually can discover a way to make things work. Contact us with ideas.


What makes Sherlyn different from other speakers or trainers/facilitators?

• Sherlyn is inciteful, engaging and offers powerful information and personal experience.  She is a gifted motivator, driven leader and a dynamic speaker with an innate ability to inspire others to live their best life.  


 How do I book a date?

• Complete the Booking Form with as much detail as possible about your event. Sherlyn will give you a call within 3 business days to confirm all details.  Once all the details of the event have been agreed upon, by both parties, we will send you a contract for the speaking engagement.


•You have approximately two weeks to sign the contract and return it to us. If you have a college or university's contracts or riders that you need us to sign, that is no problem. We are known to have a very simple and upfront process.


Do we need to make travel arrangements (airline or hotel reservations) for the speaker?

• Normally you do not. Sherlyn finds that it is easier to make her own travel and hotel arrangements, so that it takes that burden off of you.   We strive to make this process seamless.


What will you send us to help promote the speaker once we've booked?

•We are happy to provide you with any promotional materials you need.


Why do you quote all-inclusive prices?

•It is a lot easier for all parties. You will never have to worry about hidden fees or any surprises. Once we agree on a date, time and topic(s), we will quote you the all-inclusive price and place that in the contract.


How do we sustain your message when you leave?

•Sherlyn is willing to plan ways to sustain your message and has gathered a great deal of resources on what has been successful for others. A more comprehensive approach to any programming is always available, contact us for details.


Do you really feel that this makes a difference?

• Absolutely!  Personal Development is ESSENTIAL to all positive and sustainable change.  It all starts with you!  


Sherlyn's message has inspired participants to start their own businesses, complete school, lose weight, write books and create environments that foster cooperation and support  --- and so much more.  Sherlyn's messages make a difference.  


What motivates Sherlyn to keep going?

• Her personal drive, allegiance to moms and women, family and humanity. 



As the mother of 3 wonderful girls, each less than two years apart, I know the excitement, frustration, joy and overwhelm of motherhood. I know what it feels like to want to be a GREAT mom and live out your dreams simultaneously.  I used to believe that to have one you had to give up the other. I knew that who I wanted to be was less than what I was allowing myself to be and it was mentally wearing me out! 


My frustration and anger manifested itself as obesity, bad attitude and (self-diagnosed) depression. I was so busy trying to live up to everybody else's ideals of who I ought to be that I relinquished my purpose, power and passion and fell prey to guilt and overwhelm. Around 2005, I decided to take control of my life and haven't looked back since! I made a decision that who I was and what I did was up to me to create and define and that others' opinions of me and my journey no longer had any bearing on my life. 


I took my life back--I made a decision to change. I started doing things my way, on my terms, and realized that I needed to take care of MYSELF, first, before I could be of any good to my family or serve my purpose in the world! 



I no longer had a choice--the passion to do more, be better and share what I knew with others consumed me and I could no longer allow fear, finances or the thought of failure to block me from going after my dreams.   As an expert trainer with over 15years of experience in Personal Development, Soft-skills and Curriculum design, I wanted to use my expertise and experience to create something for mothers who were facing similar challenges. In my research, I found that many mothers were going through the same thing I was but would decline to discuss it due to fear of judgment and ridicule.  It was time to change that!



My programs, presentations and workshops provide the platform for mothers to discuss and take a deep-dive into how they are feeling, in a non-judgmental environment, where we reveal what's "really" holding them back from realizing their full potential. My degree in Sociology and Psychology coupled with my deep understanding of the female dynamic, and mother specifically, led me to the realization that the source of all fear, failure and being "stuck" lies within.   This is a step-by-step formula that provides the way to move forward on your path to self-discovery for UNPRECEDENTED results in the CREATION of the life that you desire.  My programs, products and services are designed to motivate and provide you with the tools to help you to reach your highest potential. 


I have presented as a keynote speaker and workshop leader in Conferences, Spiritual Centers, Colleges, Corporations, etc. I have been featured on National print articles, Mom Magazines, iRadio and Fortune 500 companies


"This book helped me tremendously...I struggled with guilt over my choices that I felt my son was paying for.  That led me to overworking myself to compensate for that.  this book touched on so many points that helped me to learn to forgive myself and my choices and how to place that experience in the right helps you navigate your way to the root of things and do the work to get to solutions".  

                                                        ~Melissa J

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