Training drives performance.

Retain your employees. 

Improve your customer's experience. 

Increase your bottom line.   

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Meet our CEO

Sherlyn Dorsey,  MBA/MHRM

Sherlyn Dorsey is a CEO, author, trainer and public speaker with more than two decades of professional experience in Executive Training and Leadership. For the past 22 years, she has honed her skills in business, public speaking and entrepreneurship.  Sherlyn is a passionate advocate in the on-going work of equity and inclusion and gives impactful business and personal development tools to audiences around the country based on her formal education and tips from her book, You're More Than Their Mother.   Sherlyn's philanthropic nature has lead her to financial contributions of more than a dozen organizations and her commitment to freedom and justice for all has provided the opportunity to serve on various boards, committees, mayoral ad-hocs and grass-root organizations.  Sherlyn believes that the caveat to the advancement of every individual lies in their commitment and investment in personal development and feels that a holistic approach to training is the key to maximizing potential and making money.  

Sherlyn Dorsey, MBA/MHRM

"Training should be based on the current and future human capital of an organization. 

Training contributes to the morale, retention and effectiveness of the staff and their perpetuation of the company's goals.  

Training gives you the competitive edge"     

~Sherlyn Dorsey

Our Services

 Virtual Options available


Core Competency Training

Workshop and Keynote Speaking

Executive/Entrepreneur Mentoring

Virtual Training

Virtual Learning options to keep your business up and running, even in un-certain times

Each virtual training and workshop integrates personal and professional development through interactive training methods that empower the learner and strategically improve the business. Each program can last as little as one hour up to one week depending on the organization's specific objectives.  

Up to 12 people

$500per training

These one-hour training sessions are designed for teams working remotely.  The goal is to reach as many people as possible with pragmatic solutions to help them now.  These sessions are priced to be approved quickly 

Establishing a new cadence and discipline in continuity and productivity

Establish a new culture of engagement and more purposeful communication while creating a positive productive  

How to run effective virtual meetings

How to effectively motivate your team virtually

Work-life balance in a virtual environment

Learn how to remain productive while working from home and successfully managing the needs of your family household

Why Diversity and Implicit Bias Training Matters

Data shows that customers and employees expect companies to drive equity and that it has a tangible impact on the bottom line. 

  • A diverse workforce can capture a greater share of the consumer market.

  • Employees who feel their voice is heard are nearly 5x's more likely to perform at their potential

  • Establishes actionable steps to manage biases and change

  • Promote behaviors that create a more positive and productive work culture

  • Helps avoid employee turnover cost

  • More qualified workforce and increased innovation


"Very professional delivery of information.  Great tips and nuggets in addition to presentation"

- Omega Hashaway

“The information was clear and polished, Sherlyn knew her material”

- Netta Reynolds

“Sherlyn has helped me over the last several years to realize my full potential.  I am now doing what I love and living the life I dreamed ”

- Will Jackson

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