​​People Development and Training integrates personal and professional development through interactive training methods that empower the learner and strategically improve the business.
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Our Mission ​​

To provide training for small to medium-size organizations that help them retain their employees, improve their customers' experience and increase their bottom line.  We specialize in core competency training driven by the specific operational requirements of our clients. Our fully customizable or off-the-shelf curriculum and training allow organizations and professionals to quickly acquire and master the skills they need for proficient leadership, cogent communication and strategically developed interpersonal skills.

Customized or Off-the-shelf Training
(on-site and off-site* locations available)

  1. On-Site Training
    Flexible. We’re focused on aligning employees and company leaders with strategic business innovations, inspiration and a culture of continuous learning that drives results. On-site training offers flexible training length sessions, group discount, engaged activities, instant feedback/discussion and team building opportunity.
  2. Micro-Learning
    Amenable. A holistic approach to skill based learning in relatively small units designed to meet short term goals. By adapting and aligning targeted learning solutions, micro-learning is concise learning on a wide range of management, leadership and personal development topics. Micro-Learning is high quality content delivered in a short amount of time.
  3. Lunch & Learn
    Engaging. Customized one-hour long training designed to enhance the professionals and meet your business goals. The speaker presents a brief overview of desired topic (usually 30-45 minutes) after which a very interactive guided discussion follows. The session is ideal to learn best practices, tips, techniques and lessons from the presenter and audience alike.
  4. Keynotes, Workshops
    Inspiring. Your team members enjoy a dynamic workshop or keynote delivered through the four learning modalities (visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic). Bring PD&T in to offer a fresh perspective, offer concrete lessons and tools to fuel employee growth, from the executive suite down.

* Off-site training site  training facility available at an additional fee
Training duration options:  1hr; 2hr; half-day; full-day 

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On demand training

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your organizational goals
  1. Customer Loyalty
    Every interaction in business counts when creating a loyal customer. It has to do with customer service, internal and external, and affects the bottom line. - Improved customer experience - Enhanced employee engagement - Increased employee retention - Accelerated return on investment
  2. Emotional Intelligence
    Emotions drive people and people drive performance. Each person must develop EQ in order to better understand, empathize and negotiate with others. - Improved Team Work - Better Time Management - Increased Self Awareness - Enhanced leadership capabilities
  3. Time Management
    Time will manage itself. The key to maximizing time is to manage the task in the time that has been allotted. - Improved organizational skills and efficiency - Increased productivity and decision making ability - Higher quality of work and teamwork benefit - Enhanced leadership skills

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