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Development and Training


​​People Development and Training integrates personal and professional development thru interactive training methods that empower the learner and strategically improve the business.
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Investing in your people boost your business and leads to better performance

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Our Mission ​​

We provide training for medium to large size companies that  help them  retain their employees, ​ improve their customers experience and increase their bottom line.

  1. On-Site Training
    Flexible. We’re focused on aligning employees and company leaders to strategic business innovations, skills, up-leveling, inspiration and culture of continuous learning that drives results. On-site training offers flexible training length sessions, group discount, engaged activities, instant feedback/discussion and team building opportunity. terminology that
  2. Micro-Learning
    Amenable. A holistic approach to skill based learning in relatively small units. By adapting and aligning targeted learning solutions, micro-learning is concise learning on a wide range of management, leadership and personal development topics. Micro-Learning is high quality content delivered in a short amount of time.
  3. Lunch & Learn
    Engaging. Customized one-hour long training designed to enhance the professionals and meet your business goals. The brief informal setting allows a channel for understanding and getting the direct point across. A hosted lunch is served while the speaker presents a brief overview of desired topic (usually 30-45 minutes), after the presentation, a very interactive discussion among attendees follows, with an opportunity to learn from tips, techniques and lessons learned from the presenter and audience alike.
  4. Keynotes, Workshops
    Inspiring. Your team members enjoy a dynamic workshop or keynote delivered through the four learning modalities (visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic). Bring PD&T in to offer a fresh perspective, offer concrete lessons and tools to fuel employee growth, from the executive suite down.

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Most popular trainings

Engaged, motivated and trained employees are committed to achieving both personal and organizational goals. 

  1. Customer Service
    Description coming soon....
  2. Emotional Intelligence
    Emotions drive people and people drive performance. Description coming soon....
  3. Time Management
    Description coming soon....

...We're almost there

Our website is just about complete with the full list of our trainings, videos, blog and services.  

In the interim, we're offering reduced price lunch and learn trainings, for a limited time only, just for taking the time to visit our site today! 

Let us deliver laser focused content that drives your company objectives, improves team communication and lead to better performance.   

Here are just a few of the benefits of a 60minute lunch and learn training delivered by one of our world-class training professionals.
  • Boost employee moral and job satisfaction
  • Improve organization communication
  • Reinforce the company culture
  • Effectively introduce new initiatives
  • Higher productivity levels

Here's our fine print
-  Offer good thru
Feb 28, 2018 at 11:59p/CST
-  Up to 25 participants
-  Anything over 30mi outside of DFW, travel cost will apply
-  One handout, per participant, included
​-  Payment due at time of booking
-  Client provides lunch

Simply fill out the form and let's get started!

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